Why am I running for Government

Phil-IsleyPhil Isley
I think people should lead by example and that is why I am running. By example, I would like to try to encourage more people to get involved in their government. Run for office, attend meetings, and participate in your government at all levels. At present, some of our elected officals feel the need to help and take care of everyone and everything and they do not care how much of your money they spend. Everyone should stand up and demand accountability of funds. Alaska and Anchorage are just one event away from fiscal melt down. Do you remember the bumper stickers that said "Please God give up another oil boom, We promise not to piss it away!"? If oil drops below $60 a barrel, we will not be able to afford our government. Thank you for thinking about it.


I do not want to be a politician, but having lost faith in our legislators, I feel an obligation to run. After each legislative session, we have a bigger budget and less freedom. This last session passed HB333 that will allow election engineering by unions and corporations. The current legislators are good people, but they are not supporting us. Alaska has vast amounts of untapped resources, but little private enterprise development. Our economy is dependent on oil and government money, both of which are currently in decline. Places like the Boniface Mall, Eastgate, and the University Center have more government organizations then private business. Alaska seems to spend more on studies than on actual projects. At presentations, engineers mention they have worked over 10 years on projects without moving a stone. Community Counsels support shelters, parks, bike routes, and traffic calming, but vote against airport improvements and businesses. The education summit was dominated by politics, not student needs . Our failing education system hasn’t changed in at least forty years.

Larger government will not promote business growth or the economy. Unless we have major changes in Juneau, we will be looking at a state income tax by the time the incumbents come up for election the next time. To continue to vote strictly by party lines and expect change is like Einstein’s definition of insanity. Change your legislator and change your future. I will listen to your concerns and vote for your goals.

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